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Weight Control

Have you been trying to control your weight for a number of years, and yet, you're seeing no progress.  Fad diet after fad diet and nothing.


Do you dream of being a healthier happier you for yourself and your family?

Perhaps something is holding you back from losing the weight in your unconscious mind and you're just unaware of it.

Allow me to access your unconscious mind and remove those triggers that cause you to over eat.


-Have you struggled for years trying to lose weight. Allow me to access your unconscious and remove those triggers that cause you to over eat.

Virtual Gastric Band

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Do you have a  BMI of over 35?  If you do then perhaps you'd like to try a Virtual Gastric Band Procedure.  

What is a Virtual Gastric Band?

It's a non-surgical hypnotherapy technique which uses the power of the unconscious mind to convince you that you actually have a real gastric band fitted, making you feel full after you've eaten an appropriate amount of food.

A real Gastric Band has a 70% success rate which is impressive, however, did you know a virtual Gastric Band actually has an 80% success rate.

There are dangers with real Gastric bands such as infections, blood clots, internal bleeding, whereas with  a virtual gastric band you have none of these.  It's the safest way to have a gastric band procedure, without going through the procedure.  


All you need to do is relax and allow me to speak to your unconscious mind and let your unconscious walk your body through the internal changes it needs to do, in order to help you lose weight with ease. 


It will only take 5 - 6 appointments.  

Virtual Gastric Band

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