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What to expect....

I offer a 20 minute free online or telephone consultation where we can discuss the issue you're struggling with.  Then together we can decide the best way to move forward, whether you'd like hypnotherapy in person, or perhaps online.

Calm Sea

Online therapy...

It is not dissimilar to a face to face hypnotherapy session in a 

therapy room.  In fact it may be preferable to some as it can take place in a familiar surrounding.

All you need is :

  • A good internet connection

  • A device that can connect to zoom or teams

  • A quiet safe space with no distractions

  • A bed to lay down on, or a chair to sit in.

  • Headphones are preferable as these will block out the outside world and will allow you to fully concentrate on my voice.  

InPerson or Online therapy...


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