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Sessions - What I can offer?

Deep relaxation

Active mind when you should be sleeping. Let me help you get a restful nights sleep.

Eyes Closed

Stress can be seriously detrimental to your health. When you’re stressed your body produces the stress hormone cortisol which can have a negative effect on your immune system. By relieving stress you can boost your health. 

Or perhaps you’re just sick of feeling uptight and need to relax. I offer a deep relaxation session to take the stresses away, soothing all tension giving a profound sense of relaxation. Upon awakening you’ll feel relaxed and fully awake ready to continue with your day or night.

Sleeping Issues 

Fears and Phobias

Whatever is frightening you, a common or uncommon fear/phobia, no matter how you believe it may come across to someone else. I’m not going to judge you. Let me help you beat it.

Smoking Cessation

Do you smoke and want to give up? Have you ever considered how much money you spend on cigarettes over the period of one year? Hundreds, thousands?? What effect is it having on your health? Imagine if you gave up how much healthier and more energised you would feel. More money to use elsewhere. You could take that holiday you promised yourself, buy that new car. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful method targeting the unconscious mind, implanting suggestions to help you in your conscious state to give up smoking. Doesn’t the thought of that sound good? Why not give hypnotherapy a try?

Diagnosed Pain Management

If you have diagnosed pain that you need help moderating. Let me help you ease some of that discomfort

Diagnosed IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

 A common stress induced condition. Amazingly a condition that hypnotherapy can help with. I know! I can help you with this.

Stress , Anxiety, Panic Attacks , Self Esteem / Confidence , Shyness the list goes on

Whatever the issue, even if it isn’t listed above, drop me a line and perhaps I can help you.

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